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E-mail me if your interested in photographic coverage of your tactical event! -Don Reber
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• 30 Years in the Photography Industry
• Law Enforcement Member
• Certified Firearms Instructor

Publications: Glock Annual, Guns & Ammo,
Guns-COMBAT MSR, Guns & Weapons for
Law Enforcement, S.W.A.T. Magazine.

Surgical Speed Shooting, by Andy Stanford.
Counter Violence, by EJ Owens.

Web: PoliceOne.com, RoninStrategies.com
Tactical-Life.com, TriggerTimeTV.com,

"Don Reber is truly an outstanding photographer. His experience as a
firearms instructor is evident in his work. He always knows how, and
when, to get the perfect shot. His photographs have been invaluable
to our website design and marketing!"

- Jason Redding, Lead Instructor, Ronin Combat Strategies, www.roninstrategies.com

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